Candle Holder

Rustic and stylish way of decorating

Candles are an elegant piece of decoration. Yes, electric lights are in, but candles have their own old-world charm and decorating a room with candles on Christmas is magical. Candles give out a flickering light that can be instantly soothing on the nerves and combine that with a nice scent like orange and what you have is a perfect festival maker.

  • Elegant decoration
  • Flickering light
  • Perfect Gift
  • Rustic Design

Orange scented candles

Orange scented candles

Let us introduce you to our orange scented candles, that are simply awesome. These candles, when lighted, give out a delightful smell of fresh oranges. They can instantly freshen up a mood while adding to the Christmas décor. Place them on your mantle or light them on your dining table, these orange candles are made to charm and charm they will.

  • Smell of fresh oranges
  • Christmas décor
  • Dining table design

Aromatic Candle design

Get insight into our unique way of candle production!

The aromatic orange candles go really well with our wooden candle holders. These candleholders are designed to fit right in the middle of your décor and will also easily merge with the festive sparkle. You can also choose to jazz up the holders with a little festive glitter or a simple ribbon and they will look like Christmas right in the center of your dining table.

What’s more? You can gift these candles to your family and friends on Christmas. They make for a perfect gift along with a carved wooden candle holder and the best thing about them is their simplicity. They are so simple that they instantly become a part of any setup. So, next time you want to give away gifts, why not put these candles in a basket of cookies, a bottle of wine and the candle holder.

Orange scented candles are great for commercial spaces as well. They make for easy décor during the festival and can light up the moods as the overhead speakers play jingles all day long. They are good to go on the window sills, lobbies, individual cubicles and also in the washrooms.

Employers can also think about sneaking them in the goody basket for their employees along with our classy candle holder. This is an offbeat gift idea and everyone who gets orange scented candles is going to be extra delighted during the season.